Top 10 International Courier Companies in the World

Top 10 International Courier Companies in World Bravosix Logistics App For Dirvers and Companies

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Are you wondering what would be one of the top 10 International courier Companies in the World? Then, you are in the right place.

We are going to uncover some of the major courier businesses that promise to deliver your packages safely.

The Demand to Get the Hands on One of the Best Courier Companies in Uk is Crazy! Let’s Find Why?

The United Kingdom is one of the international business hubs that needs strategic planning, including shipping across the borders. It is directly or indirectly linked up with Europe, and the United States of America via the Atlantic Ocean.

As it has already produced one of the powerful business tycoons internationally, it has become the most powerful economies of the world.

Being said that, the UK has one of the channelized logistics operations around the globe, and that is the reason, it already has contributed much in colonial rule & growth.

And we have witnessed great trading practices, and international connections. That is the reason, the demand of locating the best courier company in the UK has been increasing ever since.

We understand that finding international Courier Companies in the UK is not only a tiresome task, but also requires some trustworthiness, and good ratings, and for this you look for top 10 companies that offer their services.

In this blog, we will highlight what unique features every courier company beholds, and how they ensure your parcels to be transferred securely. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a driver who looks for one of the best courier companies near you, or you are a business who wants to get partnered with the ultimate go-to logistics solution, we have got you covered.

So, without any further ado, let’s review courier UK companies one by one.

Top 10 International Courier Companies in World

  • 1- Hermes
  • 2- Gxo Logistics
  • 3- Agility
  • 4- Parcelforce
  • 5- Citylink
  • 6- Mango Logistics
  • 7- Royal Mail
  • 8- DHL
  • 9- FedEx
  • 10-Yodel

1- Hermes- Global Shipping Courier Services

A global courier & shipping service that promises to deliver goods and materials to the desired destination. Hermes was founded in 1972, and this courier company is owned by Otto group, which is basically a major international mail order courier service giver.

Hermes is one of the leading courier agencies in the UK and it has employees force more than 15k+ around the world. Providing retail logistics effortless solutions to over 20 companies is the ritual of this delivery service.

As they have a wide range of delivery & shipping services, they have a variety of vehicles, and cogging machines for performing tasks. And not only this, they have got aeroplanes, ships, and truck loaders for transferring bulkier items.

What sets them apart?

  • Operates in the express transport industry
  • Covering wide areas of Europe
  • Availability of the staff 24/7, and 7 days a week
    All types of flexible freights & flexible deliveries 

2-  GXO Logistics (Previously Known as Clipper Logistics)

This courier UK company was founded in 1992 by Steve Parkin. And one of the awe-inspiring facts about clipper logistics is that they started operations with one van that used to deliver the fashion products to desired destinations.

Fast forward to the current date, they have successfully had many customers in 200+ countries. The company was listed on the London Stock Exchange until it was acquired by GXO Logistics in May 2022.

Another quick fact about clipper logistics is that they have shook hands with Arcadia that facilitated its logistical operations in 2020. Moreover, it also has a distribution centre for Super Dry (a UK branded clothing company)

What sets them apart?

  • More than 10k+ employees globally
  • Subsidiaries chain including clipper logistics GMBH
  • Serving goods in UK, Europe & 47 sites across Europe

3- Agility- Global Courier Service Provider

A globally supply chain business of couriers that promises to deliver your packages through trusted drivers & partners. If we look at the history aspect of this parcel delivery company, then it has its origin from Kuwait in 1979.

Its original name was Public Warehousing Co. (PWC) & Tarek Sultan were the chairman of this international courier company. Now, it has networks and branches around the world. 

What sets them apart?

  • Around 45,000+ trusted employees globally
  • Warehouses & storage systems
  • Employees across six continents 

4- Parcelforce- Top Tier International Courier Company

It offers a wide range of courier & shipping services that you must note. They are famous because of their reliability & efficiency. Moreover, they have also got a knack of face any challenge as they solely believe “no growth in comfort zone”

What sets them apart?

Effective customer service experience

Outstanding package handling

5. Citylink- One of the Best Courier Companies 

You can easily rely on this company as it offers you exceptional transportation services. Be it a very delicate item like a glass, or some heavy machinery, they get your package to safe hands, and deliver it on time.

What sets them apart?

International shipping & courier services

Variety of delivering options

Up-to 92% on-time delivery rate

6-  Mango Logistics- Customised Courier Solutions

Based in the heart of London, and just a few minutes away, Mango Logistics got their connections to a group of industries around the globe. From providing sustainable, to bespoke, they promise to deliver your materials through proper channels.

Moreover, as they possess a 3PL business model framework, they also provide warehousing & courier services. If we talk about their fleets, then they are manufactured with a modern, and electronic approach making them such a captivating courier company. 

What sets them apart?

  • B2C & B2B clients
  • 3PL (outsourcing its distribution services to the third party logistics businesses)
  • Web based tracking & integration platform
  • Can-do attitude

7- Royal Mail- Logistics UK Company 

It is a government owned shipping logistics company that was founded in 1516. It has become the 37th international courier companies if we count it in the list of 100 retailers. 

What sets them apart?

  • Networks in more than 220 countries
  • A professional workforce of more than 42k+ employees
  • Nationwide & across the borders shipping

8- DHL- One of the Largest Postal Companies

As they provide you with the customised parcel, packages, and goods delivery services, they have gained many trusted partners. 

There is no wonder why DHL has earned a good reputation in just a short period of time. It is owned by the Deutsche Post Group, which is basically one of the world’s largest postal companies

What sets them apart?

  • More than 4 lac employees globally
  • More than 1.8b delivery packaging in an year
  • Domestic & international shipping services

9- FedEx- Major Courier Service Provider

FedEx has multiple warehouses & storage systems to ensure the customers safe and secured delivery. This is done in case the delivery packages are meant to be delivered the same days or weeks later. 

What sets them apart?

  • Founded in 1971 & earned a very good repetition since then
  • Cross border services other than UK
  • Delivers more than 12.5m packages in a year.

10-  Yodel- A Logistics Model for Instant Delivery 

It is a british courier and delivery services providing company that came to birth in 2008. According to statistical data & reports, Yodel is one of the highest domestic delivery courier providers. 

What sets them apart?

  • Businesses in more than 200 countries
  • Fastest shipping & same day delivery
  • Real time tracking system

Final Verdict!

We all know that the economy of the UK relies on its international courier companies that assists them to their fullest for expansion & much more. And there is no wonder why the demand for searching for the best courier services in the UK has skyrocketed. 

This approach further pumped up the connection of domestic as well as international consumers. That is how the enterprises & business models reach their targeted customers around the globe. 

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