Top 5 Logistics App For Drivers and Companies In the UK

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In this ever evolving digital marketplace, looking for the best Logistics UK app is a crucial step. When you are surrounded with many fascinating options, the decision becomes more difficult. But don’t worry, we have got your back.

If we talk about the UK, then we will see many famous enterprises, and business hubs flourishing their market with the right assistance of delivery apps.

They don’t make promises for fastest transportation, but also provide essential necessities that shouldn’t be overlooked. For instance:

  • Timely delivery
  • Smooth pathway
  • Handling with care
  • Good customer support
  • Discounts & new features

What are Some Top 5 Best Logistics UK Apps for Best Delivery?

In this section, we will have a look upon some of the top rated, best reviewed and trustworthy mobile apps for logistics, and parcel delivery purposes. 

So, without any further ado, let’s have a keen look at significant insights. 

  • TransVirtual
  • Onfleet Driver 
  • Hellotracks 
  • Onfleet Driver 
  • Bravosix

1- TransVirtual 

They can manage parcels, raw goods, materials, and other objects with care. They handle the things with care to deliver them to their desired destination safely. Besides this, they have made things super easy by giving you an online access to their application. TransVirtual has an Android application that gives feasibility to the drivers, and companies to handle goods with ease. 

Moreover, they have a very good management system, and a supported customer team 24/7 to help out their clients with any of their queries.

What sets them apart?

  • Optimising routes can mainly save both time and money spent on fuel and delivery costs.
  • When we use barcode scanning to select items from a warehouse, we’re always sure about what we’re getting. That makes TransVirtual one of the go-to logistics applications. 
  • Their use of Sign-on-Glass (SoG) technology provides electronic proof of delivery.
  • They give you real-time reports about the status of deliveries throughout the entire process.
  • They also handle driver workloads, vehicle loading, and schedule planning.

2- Hellotracks 

One of the best logistics UK apps that promises nothing but the exceptional real-time position identification. Whether it comes to the dispatching, route inspection, and task management, Hellotracks incorporates features to manage these stuff with updated operational strategies. 

Besides these, they also have different sorts of vehicles to handle different packages with care, and support.

What sets them apart?

  • Using route optimization, you can create a full day’s route in just 20 seconds.
  • They keep track of your route all day long.
  • As they can easily share your progress and current location with your team, you can trust them.
  • With geofence technology, you’ll be automatically checked in and out at locations.
  • Their automated work dispatch will boost productivity of employees.

3- Onfleet Driver 

If you are a driver, and looking for the best delivery and logistics UK app near your, then Onfleet Driver should be your go-to stop. Drivers have the access to view the route to transport the package. Moreover, they assist many drivers for instant delivery, and transportations.

One of the key features that makes Onfleet one of the go-to and best logistics apps is the visual route using their application. In addition to this, drivers can easily contact the customers and gain the necessary information like the proof of delivery. These key features streamlines the logistics operations of this application. 

What sets them apart?

  • Their onboarding procedures on native iOS and Android apps have the best UI and UX interfaces.
  • They integrate customer communication, so clients can easily call or message their drivers.
  • Onfleet has got the real-time updates and live driver tracking available to keep clients informed.
  • You have the option to submit delivery proof in various forms. For instance images, signatures, barcodes, notes, and ID verification.

4- DeliveryApp

A comprehensive courier & international that offers nothing but a premium and seamless transporting solutions. They have formed a network that allows the customers to get connected with many professional, and independent courier drivers. Furthermore, they also ensure that your packages are delivering fast by giving you a real time checking system as well.

So, whether you are a business who are on the lookout for some of the best international courier companies UK company, or you are a personal customer who wants to stay connected with some logistics company, give deliveryapp a shot!

What sets them apart?

  • Same day & hassle free deliveries
  • Choosing the drivers you wants to work with
  • Availability of operational teams 24/7
  • Your own courier on call

5- Bravosix

From package transport, to multi-model delivery and logistics solutions, Bravosix needs no introduction. They offer reliable and streamlined courier services solutions to carry all of your packages and deliver them to the final destination.

Whether you are a driver who wants to get connected to a company or a business, or you are a retail business who wants to align their paths with some trustworthy logistics solutions, Bravosix offers you both!

From delivering your all types of packaging to selecting the vehicle type, and real time tracking system, Bravosix has a “knows-it-all” approach.

What sets them apart?

  • Instant delivering (can deliver on the same day as well, just couples of hours matters)
  • Same day transporting your packages
  • All types & sizes of delivering 
  • Selecting thorough pick-ups & drop-offs
  • Tracking of your delivery path to ensure safe delivery
  • Rating & reviewing the drivers that you work with
  • Quick payment gateways

Final Words:

With the hope that your quest of searching for the top 5 logistics apps for companies and drivers has come to an end, we wish you all a good working experience with them!

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